SAMKIN IN Partnership with vision and mission of kenyan society eye check up video

Training on financial empowerment on women groups by Joyful welfare organization founded by Hon. Rachel Ruto. We were grateful for the chance to get empowered.


SAMKIN FOUNDATION wishes to partner with INTERNATIONAL PHILANTHROPISTS, CHARITIES and DONOR ORGANIZATIONS for the welfare of Riruta Community in Kenya at the slums of Riruta Ward in Dagoretti Constituency. The main purpose of founding SAMKIN FOUNDATION is to offer humanitarian services to communities of diverse walks of life. However we are seeking partnership with OTHER LIKE MINDED ORGANIZATIONS in order to further our service to children and women who are mostly affected by humanitarian crisis whenever they arise.


The location of our projects is at the heart of the most needy and vulnerable. Many children are orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS pandemic and due to deaths from diverse causes. Being a slum and a community living under abject poverty, girls are more prone to early marriages, early sexual intercourse and early pregnancies as they practice it for income generation. Men, especially youth and young fathers who are jobless, result to drug addiction and alcoholism which in turns result to unruly behaviors and insecurity. There has been many cases of extra judicial killings, sexual molesting, raping, prostitution, sodomy and other forms of ill behaviors. Recently a group of ten primary school children were caught in a house playing sex, five girls and five boys. Night clubs and dances are frequent and they promote ill behaviors. A number of aged grandmothers are left to cater for grandchildren after their parents’ death. The settlement pattern of densely population is a great threat to hygiene and development. The slums’ houses are built upon public land and some on individual land. Several communities are homeless too and opt to be street families. This being the situation, there are many children born in the slum who know no home apart from the street. These street children become more grieved in life and feel much rejected and discriminated forthwith; they result into formation of gangs and become radicalized. 


Therefore there is great need for us to partner with international organizations like yours in order to create an ending solutions to these communities.


We are concerned mainly in partnership in order to boost the following :

  1. Clean Water Provision and Packaging.
  2. Capacity building of the community's  knowledge.
  3. Empowering already existing community groups with information and expertise.
  4. Building a culture of giving back to the society (GBS) through endowment in the organization.
  5. Funding platforms for our community projects.
  6. Exchange of information and intellect with other like-minded organizations
  7. Building a long term relationship with philanthropic organizations, individuals, groups and companies.
  8. To globalize slum communities and build their self-esteem in order to create sustainable economies for themselves and their generations.


  1. Machine and Equipment
  2. Financial partnership: Funders / financiers and fundraising platforms
  3. Intellectual partnership: Tutors / trainers / mentors
  4. Technical partnership: Expertise / exchange activities / visits
  5. Fellowships: Scholarships/sponsorship/short courses/planned seminars/training


  1. Mutual relationship in achieving objectives / mission of both organizations
  2. Build up rapporteur with others
  3. Communities having improved livelihoods
  4. Poverty eradication boosted within the targeted communities
  5. Globalized slums within our localities