Social Welfare Support

Samkin Foundation has identified various community needs, that can be supported to enhance the general welfare of community. 

One critical area of need identified is continuous availability of safe and clean water.



Samkin Foundation has set up and  delivers water to communities' water points where our constituents can conveniently access.


We are on the verge of providing water tanks to the points that will enable us deliver water or pump water once or twice per week and make it easy for the community to access this precious commodity at ease.


Within our headquarters, a processing plant has been setup to aid in processing treated water into bottled water as well as pumping treated water to reservoirs from where we supply to the communities.


Our bottled water is donated during communities' events in order to caution them from taking unclean or contaminated water.  We produce treated water in required standards and therefore improve on the communities' health.



There are families living to the most interior of our operation area and whose radius from available water points is more than two kilometers.


These families would not make it easy to the water points bearing in mind that the access roads in the slums are inaccessible. Due to this, we are force to deliver water to them on a weekly basis. These families mostly include the aged and the infirmities. 

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