Unity Aging Group.

The women in this group are above 60 years of age.The group was started after realizing that many aging women in the community had nothing to do at their homes and we decided to bring them together so that they can tap from their own skills and learn from each other. Among the skills that were brought on board by the women is bead bags making, weaving sweaters and making ornaments.  It has been three months since they started. The women have greatly improved in learning and making the products. We are focusing on expanding their market over seas so that many people can see and have these beautiful product in their homes. Besides making this products the coming together of these women makes them bond and interacts thus creating harmony and support in other social challenges. We thank our patron Mr. Samson Kinyanjui for his great idea and support to this women and the community.

Below is the link to videos showing Unity Aging Group at Work.


safaricom children homes event with samkin foundation and children gardens home

Blessed Ladies Women Group.

This group comprises of small scale business women our community. Through their small scale business, these women came together with the vision of helping teenage girls grow up into responsible women in the society. Through this they have visited various schools and inspired the girls. These women have deep understanding of what it is to be a girl especially in secondary school. They are not ready to sit back and watch girls lose track in their teenage life. beside advising the girls they also distribute sanitary towels to various schools.

Uwezo Car Wash Youth Group.

This group is made up of young men within the age gap of 18 - 29. Mr. Samson Kinyanjui the patron of the foundation brought this young men together so that they could learn on how to be financially independent and be able to create wealth by themselves. Among the plans laid ahead is making a standard car wash that will enable them to make good earning from their work. Other businesses in the pipe line is opening small scale businesses that they can manage and expand in time. This ideas came about after learning that this ambitious young men were losing track after being frustrated due to insufficient employment opportunity. The group is self motivated and we look forward to a brighter and better future for these young men.

Digital Cultural and Traditional Group.

This group is made up of our fathers. The men that guide the Foundation. They manage the smooth running of the computer studio. They also run a cultural group that shall be involved in dancing and singing cultural songs. It can be seen clearly that the African culture is being replaced every day by the foreign cultures. these men seek to restore the culture that the youth and new generation seems to ignore.

Community Talent and Creatives Group.

This is the most vibrant group that serves as the umbrella of the best talents in the community. Their age gap is between 18 to 30 years. Talk of poetry, talk of musicians, drama/acting and crafting skills, this youthful group got it all. Beautiful paintings and handmade products will surely impress you. There is a movie that is being produced which belongs to the youth group. We also have a computer Lab where the youths will be studying for free on various computer packages. There is also the studio for audio recording so there won't be any limitation in self expression through music. The group seeks to merge with other youths allover Kenya so that they can learn from others too. Expect the best of talent and creative skills.

Children's Corner.

SAMKIN FOUNDATION is so passionate about serving the children. Children are a blessing from the almighty and it is our duty as the society to care for them. We discovered that many children in our community have been neglected and hence they have no one to turn to for help. To meet this need SAMKIN FOUNDATION has partnered with various schools and children homes so as to bring a smile in the children's faces. the schools supported are;

1. Humanitarian School and Home.

2. Neema Land Children Home.

3. Glory Christian Education Center.

Less privileged children groups.

Samkin Foundation has engaged the less privileged children to its programs as a way of including every one in the community. We have more than 30 women with disabled children . We welcome you to support us in this journey.

Below is the video of SAMKIN FOUNDATION donating a wheel chair to Humanitarian School/home. The school has disabled children who have need movement Aid. We call upon any person who has a wheel chair that is not in use or if you have any assistance that you can give please feel free to come to contact. Be blessed.



SAMKIN FOUNDATION has also partnered with Glory Christian Education Center to see the betterment of education in the Schools around Our Community.

SAMKIN FOUNDATION has also visited various school to show compassion to the less privilaged children in the community. The video below describes it.