Economic empowerment.

Supporting Group Economic Activities

Community groups came together and took a loan. They bought this machine so as to generate income for self sustainment. They hope to repay the loan soonest. 

SAMKIN FOUNDATION realized a need by the community that has never been met. The community had a desire of being elevated from poverty level that was making life unbearable. Our Patron SAMSON KINYANJUI and the partners have pulled effort that have bettered the community. The group funding has provided materials for the women for making the products. When this women come they always get a lunch time meal for free. All this is done as a way of supporting and  sustain the Unity Aging Group that doesn't have finance for sustenance.

Samkin Foundation endeavors to support the Resident Community's Group economic activities by facilitating the search for and  growth of markets for various products emanating from skill sets such as : 

  • Soap making
  • Knitting and embroidery,
  • Bead making,
  • Brick and Block Making 

Uwezo Fund

In support of

Uwezo Fund/ women and youth fund (How its facilitated )


Seed Fund

Provision of seed funds for individual and group economic empowerment initiatives