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CORONAVIRUS IS A DEADLY infectious disease. SAMKIN FOUNDATION is aware of the tragic situation and seeks to support the community under this tough economic period. We voluntarily give water to the community as a way of helping them. Support us reach to many by donating grocery and flour that we may extend to the community. Together we shall overcome thE CORONAVIRUS God bless you.

SAMKIN FOUNDATION understands the challenge the community is undergoing in this time of CORONA pandemic. We encourage you to follow the protective measures given by the government so a to be on the safe side. We have highly participated in giving foodstuff to our community members because we understand a time like this it is too hard to make end meets for this aging groups. Help us reach many by supporting us with the little that you have. God bless you.

In the midst of this tragic CORONA PANDEMIC we are still pushing on with our groups.

Our groups have managed to purchase a milling machine that will help them in cooking making flour that will in turn generate income for them. Much thanks to the women funds and all our partners for making this dream come true.


SAMKIN FOUNDATION is a community based organization (CBO) that works directly with the community to ensure a better life for all the community members in Dagoretti Sub-County. It was founded in 26th July 2018 by SAMSON KINYANJUI MWANGI and is located on Kikuyu Road right behind the "car wash stage"  before "Muthama".


The idea of starting SAMKIN foundation was arrived at after realizing that many people in the community were slowly drifting  into poverty. With minimal means of sustaining their daily lives, we felt that if the members of the community could be brought together and supported then it would be possible for them to make a living out of their own skills. 


Since it was started, the foundation has managed to bring together various groups that have passion to work and elevate themselves from the poverty level.


SAMKIN FOUNDATION supports its' group members financially through the crowd funding (partners of the group collectively supporting their project with the little money they get.) Your support and donation is highly welcomed so that we may help the most vulnerable in the community.


samkin foundation groups                                                  receives funding.

SAMKIN FOUNDATION is happy to have received loan from the WOMEN ENTERPRISE FUND to support our activities. The groups have been struggling to raise funds. Table banking has been one of the way used to raise funds by the group. The money shall be used to boost their activities in a greater way.


At Samkin, We also Care, Love and show Compassion to children who are less fortunate in the society. We welcome you to partner with the Samkin Foundation Children Compassion Unit and help us reach many children in our community.

Message from founder


Am glad to officially welcome you to SAMKIN FOUNDATION. My name is Samson Kinyanjui Mwangi.


SAMKIN FOUNDATION began with the broad idea of maximizing the available opportunities we had been blessed with, to aid those less fortunate than ourselves by establishing a focused approach in our philanthropic and empowerment work.


Out constituents are facing an endless number of compelling social issues, and without a concentrated effort, our impact would be diluted. Through a clear focus initiative we can get the most out of our resources. Over time, we realized that we could maximize our social impact by addressing the needs of children, youth and seniors


By helping the younger generation, we would better the communities where they live, and thus improve the future of those communities. We decided to begin these efforts in the Riruta are of Dagoretti South in Nairobi, which holds special significance to us.


 Once we had a dedicated are of focus, we recognized the need for committed and able partners, locally and abroad, to help us carry out our work in an effective and sustainable manner with partners whose familiarity with the needs, framework and history of a region, or whose specialized and technical expertise would give our projects a larger impact in the lives of their intended beneficiaries.


As you become more familiar with the Samkin Foundation, you will learn of the uniqueness and the excellent of our support initiatives. You will soon take pride in being associated with a caring foundation, one that is concerned about your growth, development and success.




Together, we can make a greater impact than if we stand alone.





SAMKIN FOUNDATION has identified a community need, we are looking for partners who can participate in the realization of the community transport, when they are engaged in training and mentorship programs, transporting their products for marketing and other community related transportation needs. W e are looking forward to raise not less than US D 24,000 equivalent to Ksh. 2.4 million. We are also appealing to any body or institution that has a van and may be willing to donate, we will highly appreciate.

For any donations visit our partnership corner or if you are in Kenya you can use the Mpesa option: Lipa na Mpesa

Paybill Number : 758138.

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